Tokenomics & Taxes

AmpereChain is starting with BSC blockchain and from January 2024 mainnet will be going live.

AmpereChain is committed to stay on BSC blockchain in the form of token even after mainnet goes live. Users are able to move from AmpereChain mainnet to BSC chain and vice versa.

Tokenomics on Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 100,000,000 AMPERE

Pinksale Public Sale: 55,970,150 AMPERE (55.97%)

PanCakeSwap Liquidity: 32,910,448.2 AMPERE (32.9 % Locked for 3 years)

CEX Listing Liquidity: 5000000 AMPERE (5% Locked for 1 Month)

Teams Token: 4000000 AMPERE (4% Locked for 1 Year)

Airdrop/Bounty: 1000000 AMPERE (1% Locked for 1 Month)

Liquidity in BNB: 60% (Locked for 3 Years)


Project Tax(Development + Marketing + CEX Listing):

Buy Tax: 2%

Sell Tax: 4%


Buy Burn: 1%

Sell Burn: 1%

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