Validator Requirements

Author: AmpereChain Team Published: Dec 08, 2023 Updated: Dec 08, 2023

AmpereChain, operating on the AD-QBFT consensus, relies on validators to maintain network integrity and consensus adherence. Validators play a crucial role in verifying blocks and ensuring the security of the blockchain.

Validator Node Requirements

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Intel i3/AMD Ryzen 5 or higher (Recommended)

  • RAM: 4 GB DDR5 or above (Recommended)

  • Disk Space: A minimum of 200 GB NVMe storage, scalable with blockchain growth

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 or above

  • Network Speed: Recommended 1GBPS+ with a static IP

Validator Node Setup Guidelines

  1. Machine Configuration: Ensure your machine meets the recommended hardware specifications.

  2. Operating System: Install Ubuntu 20.04 or a higher version on the machine.

  3. Network Configuration:

    • Static IP Address: Assign a stable static IP address for consistent network communication.

    • Port Acceptance: Allow incoming connections only on port 30303, specific to AmpereChain's validator nodes.

Validator Node Rules and Best Practices

  • 200,000 AMPERE Coins: To become a validator, locking of 200,000 AMPERE coins.

  • One IP, One Validator: Maintain network integrity by running each validator from a unique IP address.

  • Port Configuration: Exclusively use port 30303 for AmpereChain validator nodes.

  • Security Measures: Implement necessary firewall settings for node security.

  • Regular Maintenance: Perform periodic checks and updates for optimal node performance.

Reliable VPS Providers

Choosing a reliable Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider is crucial to meet these hardware and network requirements. Ensure the VPS provider offers the necessary resources and compatibility with AmpereChain's specifications.

Setting up an AmpereChain validator involves adhering to these hardware and network requirements, maintaining specific port configurations, and staking the required 200,000 AMPERE coins.

For detailed instructions or further assistance, refer to the AmpereChain Validator Setup Guide or community resources.

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